Our Equipment


On Point Security is committed to providing our customers with the best security equipment and smart security solutions available. We have tested all of the available options and have only chosen the best of the best to present to our customers.

On Point’s security solution technicians are experiencing in installing a variety of residential and commercial security products. From our experience, the award-winning Qolsys Panel 2 is currently the superior product on the market. 

Below we’ve listed just a few of our favorite features of the Qolsys Panel 2:

• Stunning 7” HD Touchscreen display with intuitive user-interface
• A built in 5 MP camera with the ability to capture and log disarm photos
• Military grade 2-way encryption
• Built-in glass break detector
• Smarthome ready capabilities including Z-wave
• Easy-to-use mobile application
• Mount the panel on the wall or leave it on the included table stand
• Live answer that connects to your Skybell Video Doorbell
• Live view of your Alarm.com video cameras
• Micro SD card slot allows for display customization
• Bluetooth capabilities
• Over the air software updates
• 24-hour battery backup in the event of a power loss
• Wireless capability with no phone line required


Cellular technology is used in every On Point security system. With the use of cellular technology, we no longer have to rely on vulnerable wired phone lines to transmit signals to the monitoring station. This makes your security system less vulnerable to being tampered with easily from the outside of your home.

With cellular technology, the signals are sent wirelessly and that means that your system is more secure than other systems that use the phone line to report alarms. Even if an intruder were to cut your phone line and/or power, your security system will remain fully-functional and capable of reporting alarms. Furthermore, in the event of a power loss you can rest assured that your security system will remain powered and fully functional for 24 hours.