Top 3 Burglary FAQs

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This is a no-nonsense blog where we get straight to the point. Here are the 3 Top Burglary FAQs

When do they Break-in and how?

Burglaries are most likely to occur when no one is at home. This puts the time between 10am and 2pm. Additionally , summertime is when most burglaries happen according to the FBI so be on the lookout for suspicious activities.

They ring the door bell to see if no one is inside, if someone is, they pull out the old “ding-dong ditch” routine. This also helps them in casing the house. They also look for keys which may be under the welcome mat. If you’re smart and those keys are not there, they will look for another means to get in.

They might use your windows to break in. Neighbors sometimes pay no heed to breaking windows if the sound comes only once. That is if it comes to that, windows without a home security system may easily become the entry point of choice if they are not strong enough or have weak locks.

Shrubs, fencing and trees provide shade and beauty to your home but may also be where a potential burglar may be hiding. You need to be vigilant and have your kids mow the lawn regularly, if you can only find time on the weekends to do so. Keeping them trimmed will expose hiding burglars easily.

Where Do they Look First?

They head to the master bedrooms because they know that valuable items such as jewelry, cash and credit cards are there. Often people leave their valuables in the most obvious of places where the burglars would first look. No stone is left unturned while they search your house. If you thought your closet, the mattress and space under your bed was safe, think again.

They may also be drug addicts or someone looking to make a quick buck. They go to your medicinal cabinet as well and rummage through narcotic prescription drugs like Epinephrine etc. which they can sell to make money. They go on to ransack your living room for car keys and valuable electronics like TVs and gaming consoles. They don’t even leave your kitchen appliances alone, given the chance.

What have my “Social Media Accounts” got to do with burglaries?

Burglars have become social media savvy as well. They can be on the lookout for any airport or hotel lobby check-ins and photos that you may be posting of your lovely Caribbean vacation. This gives them an indication of when you’re away.

There have been incidents where people have been robbed because of vacation pictures and check-ins posted on their social media accounts. There was an actual incident narrated by a woman who went to Tennessee for 4th of July and posted photos of where she was. She later found out that her house was robbed by an acquaintance. In her video, she talks about why you should always post pictures of a vacation after you come back home.

A home security system works best when you take added precautionary measure to protect yourself. For further information on home security systems, contact us at On Point Security and Video and we will happily answer any queries you may have.

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