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Top 5 Myths Regarding Home Security

There are many myths floating about regarding home security. Unfortunately for us, many people believe what they are told without further investigation, thus being deprived of proper home security. If some unforeseen event happens, the homeowners are left bewildered at what just happened. Having a home security system installed in your hose is beneficial but […]

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Top 3 Burglary FAQs

This is a no-nonsense blog where we get straight to the point. Here are the 3 Top Burglary FAQs When do they Break-in and how? Burglaries are most likely to occur when no one is at home. This puts the time between 10am and 2pm. Additionally , summertime is when most burglaries happen according to […]

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Investing in Commercial Security Solutions

There is a huge range of commercial and industrial facilities that operate on a small, mid, or large scale. They can be manufacturing sites, distribution centers, vacant properties, construction sites, vehicle lots, dealerships, power plants, storage or warehouses, office buildings, or product assembly sites or more. Regardless of the purpose of a commercial industrial space, […]

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The Importance of a Residential Security System

A majority of homeowners skip out on investing in a home security system by citing it as an unnecessary expense. What they fail to realize is that by not installing a residential security system can prove to be more costly in the long run. Here are the top reasons why it’s important to install a […]

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Things to Consider Before Investing In a Security System

It’s a little ironic, given the current criminal circumstance of most metropolitans, that a majority of the population still believes that an investment in home automation and security systems is a waste of money. According to the preliminary crime reports for the previous year published by the FBI, there was a collective loss of property […]

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The Benefits of Installing a Security System

It’s costly and a hassle. These are generally the two sentiments a majority of people have when it comes to installing a security system, whether it is at home or work. Speaking from an average person’s perspective, who wants to deal with installation, the arming or disarming, the false alarms, the possible glitches, and the […]

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Bust This Security Myth: I Live in a Small Town, So I Don’t Need a Security System

Do you assume that a “small town” is the same thing as a “safe town?” Maybe you even feel like Greenville is the kind of place where you don’t really have to lock your doors, let alone invest in a monitored home or business alarm system. A scan of recent headlines from small towns in […]

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