5 Reasons Why Burglars Might Single You Out

Burglar singling house out

A home is one’s safe haven. It is a place where you have no worries and feel the safest. But what if we tell you that it is not always the case? Unfortunately for many, even their home can be a place full of worries and anxiety due to burglaries or robberies going on in their neighborhood.

Consider yourself lucky if you haven’t faced any burglary at your home but don’t be too sure that this isn’t a possibility in the future.

Here are 5 reasons why burglars can single out your home and cause you loss:

1. Not Having a Security Alarm

Burglars and thieves these days have become smarter and know whether a home has a security system installed or not. Burglars consider these as high risk areas and avoid targeting homes that have security systems.

When you move into a new neighborhood though, no matter how upscale or safe it is, most of the houses almost always have their security systems installed, whether it is cameras, alarms or infrared sensors that detect any peculiar movement at night. If you don’t have a security alarm, cameras and movement sensors, you are giving an open invitation to intruders to come over and steal your precious things from your home.

2. High Crime Areas

If you live in or near high crime areas, then it is more than likely that you will encounter some sort of burglary or theft in your home. As residents of the area, you might be used to the crimes happening around you, but it is always worrisome to know that you could be the next target on any given day. Try to move to a better area where you can avoid this situation and keep all of your precious objects hidden in a safe or at the bank to avoid losing them.

3. Isolated Neighborhoods

Areas that are on the edge of the city or at the outskirts can be a target of burglar activities as the robbers are more confident in committing the crimes. They know that there is no neighborhood watch program or very few people that would be able to witness the crime.

4. Empty House

This means that if you go to work for long hours and the house is left empty for a huge portion of the day, it will make it easier for intruders to come and rob you. They won’t have to worry that you will be coming home and they will take their sweet time by taking anything and everything with ease.

5. Houses with no dogs

If you don’t have a feisty dog that will protect your home or bark loud enough to alert the neighbors, then we suggest you get one.  Burglars avoid houses that have big and territorial dogs because they want to be as discreet as possible.

Being alert and cautious is always the way to go to protect your home.

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