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Video verification or video eyewitness is the pairing of alarm events with video images to create a protected premise. It is a combination of data that is in direct relation to a crime that is taking place, which informs the authorities to dispatch. It is well known that video surveillance events are the ones that are highest on priority from the police authorities. It gives the police central dispatch all the details that they needs regarding the crime that is taking place at the scene. This is why it is considered as one of the best ways to ensure protection at the premises of a corporation.

On Point Security is one of the leaders of video surveillance and verification monitoring software, offering its video solutions to corporations in South Carolina. Verification monitoring software hands over the advantage to the company to get effective alarm systems at their premises, since it is highly effective in getting the attention of police dispatch central. This is why more and more businesses today are looking at video surveillance solutions to increase security at their premises.

Priority Video Verification Monitoring

We have already mentioned the part regarding the effectiveness of police dispatch central, but when it is combined with faster response, and solid evidence of the crime taking place, it ensures greater security for the business in every sense. Our video verification monitoring solutions can be installed in some of the following places:

  • Applications
  • Strip Malls
  • Offices
  • Schools
  • Vacant Properties
  • Construction Sites
  • Vehicle Lots
  • Copper Theft
  • Guard Enhancements
  • Law Enforcement
  • Dealerships

On Point Security ensures that the protection of the business comes first, which is why it is offering state-of-the-art video verification and video surveillance solutions. Want to know more about the effectiveness of video surveillance alarms? How is this for a statistic?

Here are more ways that video surveillance alarms can help benefit a business:

Public safety

Most customers would say that they would feel unsafe shopping at a business or going to a mall if they felt that it didn’t have proper security in check. People want to feel safe, so that they can go about their business without being devoid from having a good, stress free time. This is where video verification alarms help out business owners of retails or any other type of business where it requires them to provide public safety.

Damage limitation

It ensures that the businesses who are insured can get reimbursed easily for any losses they may face due to an unnatural event, act of terrorism or act of hooliganism. This is why it is becoming increasingly common to see video verification alarms at all major outlets and businesses around the world.

Get high quality video surveillance alarm solutions from On Point Security, at affordable rates in South Carolina.