Get Complete Control over your Business Solutions and Tackle Intrusions with High Quality Intrusion Systems!

It is imperative that every business should have high quality intrusion systems in place so that they can tackle intrusions and other security issues. On Point Security has got a team of professionals who are experienced in tackling intrusion systems and help in both detecting and preventing malicious activity that may harm the network of the business.

We make sure that you can concentrate on your business functions and leave the security of your business to us. Our intrusion detection systems are amongst the best in the business, and we have got high security protection services that help keep your business out of touch from intruders.

Rely on real-time surveillance

On Point Security offers real-time surveillance to businesses in South Carolina, so that they can take advantage of prevention and intrusion detection services like the ones mentioned below:

  • All the software and hardware will be installed on the premises of your business, and will be managed by the On Point Security operations center.
  • Take advantage of 24 x 7 monitoring, which offers your business another layer of defense and ensures that there are fewer corporate security risks.
  • All IP packets will be analyzed and captured in real-time, with the help of a database that will be updated on a continuous basis.

Access highly trained intrusion prevention security experts

When you choose the services of On Point Security, our intrusion detection and prevention systems give you the complete advantage. We have got highly trained operations staff that is highly skilled and has got the knowledge, insight, and experience to provide you with the following services:

  • Recognize intrusion and prevent an attack on your system.
  • Identify any patterns of misuse on the network.
  • Distinguish between different anomalies from attacks to lessen the chances of false alarms.
  • Keep databases up to speed to ensure that all future attacks can be prevented.

Respond to unauthorized access with an intrusion detection system

We make sure that no unauthorized personnel are able to gain entry into your business, and our intrusion system is able to detect unauthorized access attempts or patterns of misuse. This is where the On Point Security intrusion detection and prevention team will work cohesively to:

  • Contain, neutralize and block threats.
  • Take action on your pre-defined procedures and policies.
  • Respond automatically to the threat.
  • Prevent any damage to your business operations or damage.
  • Help you in meeting your objectives for intrusion detection.

No matter what the threat, with the intrusion detection system by On Point Security by your side, your business operations will be as safe as houses.