Get the Ultimate in Home Security Systems from On Point Security!

On Point Security is a local company providing home security systems in Greenville, SC. We are committed to offering all of our customers the most advanced smart home security systems available. As part of our commitment to always deliver our customers the best products available we are constantly evaluating and testing new home security products and promise that the security systems we trust in our own homes to protect our families are the products that we offer our customers to protect their families.

Superior protection

What sets us apart from all the rest in the industry, is that we provide you with 24/7 protection so that your home is completely safe from burglary. Our award-winning home security system will protect your home from all threats and will also alert the authorities if a break-in is attempted. Our home security system ensures superior protection, for your family and your home, which is why so many choose to acquire our services.

No compromises on home security

You could say that the On Point Security team are fanatics about security! We are in the security business because we truly love serving our customers and giving them unparalleled service and support. Both our security consultants and technicians understand our company vision of delivering the best products, best service, at competitive prices. This means you will never be sold anything by our team just because it benefits us but we will always offer the best security products and customize a system that is right for you.

Get an upgrade on your home security system

Many people already have a home security system and a home security provider. We can upgrade your current security system at no cost and offer you all the latest features such as cellular signaling, smart phone controls, and wireless security equipment. The safety and security of your home is what matters to us, which is why we provide you with convenient, easy to use, and high quality security features that will protect you and your loved ones.