Get High Quality Video Surveillance for Your Home and Be In Control of the Security of Your Home!

On Point Security designs and installs professional home security cameras in Greenville, SC. Much of our competition in the home security industry have chosen to offer only wireless indoor and outdoor security cameras that only record for short periods of time and have wireless camera connection issues. At On Point you will get a true CCTV surveillance system professionally installed at your home that records 24/7 for 30 days or longer.

Because the On Point team loves security cameras we are constantly taking trainings and learning all of the new and best features that are available to help protect your home and family using video surveillance. All of our video security cameras are HD quality, work both day and night, record 24/7 and can be accessible from any smart device or computer.

As part of the On Point Commitment to offer our customers the best products at competitive prices we have chosen to be super competitive with our video security cameras and are able to offer a complete home security camera solution with no cost upfront as part of our monitored home security system.

Priority Video Verification Monitoring

On Point Security provides homeowners with video verification or Virtual Eyewitness software, which includes video images that can be paired with alarm events in your home. This allows data to be combined directly with the evidence, and ensures that any crime in progress can be monitored and the authorities will be alerted and dispatched quickly.

This is a massive advantage for anyone to install an alarm system with priority video verification monitoring in their home. It will diminish false alarms and will increase the effectiveness of the response officers while also alerting authorities with high priority notice. The video monitored events will be combined with fast response from police dispatch to ensure that your home remains safe from the threat of burglary at all times.

Our high quality camera solutions

On Point Security offers families in South Carolina with high quality camera solutions for their home, which are not only easy to install but also provide unmatched video performance. We are the best home security solution provider in the industry and provide wireless home security camera systems, which give you the peace of mind that you deserve. You can install security cameras anywhere, from hallways and staircases, to doors and windows, and on your roof and pathway.

We are your complete home security solutions provider and also offer customizable home security cameras that can be adjusted and installed according to your requirements. The safety and security of your home is now in your hands, with our exceptional home security cameras.