Get High Quality Business Security Services around the Clock with On Point Security!

If your looking for quality commercial security solutions in South Carolina, give us a call. We have been designing systems for over a decade and have partnered with local businesses to deliver expert commercial security solutions. Our experience in finding the right security solutions for our clients has been one of our biggest strong-point, while we also offer the most affordable rates in the industry. We offer a whole host of commercial security solutions that include the likes of video surveillance, access control systems, and fire detection systems.

Our team of security technicians can also devise personalized commercial solutions that are going to help build a world-class commercial security program for your business. We have got a vast amount of experience in the industry and our expertise in commercial security solutions for businesses is unrivaled in South Carolina. For decades we have been offering high quality residential and commercial security services to our clients in South Carolina, and have one of the best customer support networks as well.

Our commercial security solutions

On Point Security never compromises on quality when it comes to commercial security solutions. We recognize the importance of security for a business and therefore provide them alarm systems, fire detection systems, electronic access control, and video surveillance features. We are regarded as one of the best commercial security solution provider in the industry based solely on our ability to provide world-class services at affordable rates to commercial businesses in South Carolina.

Our video surveillance

We provide high-tech video surveillance solutions to all our commercial clients, which includes the likes of DVRs, CCTV, and IP Video. We use state-of-the-art software in our video surveillance solutions, which helps store videos onsite and offsite, while also minimizing the risk of data theft. We provide hosted video recording, while also providing offsite backup services to commercial businesses to ensure greater convenience and customized security solutions for them.

Business automation

On Point Security has really taken its commercial security solutions up a notch with the introduction of business automation, which allows you to have complete control over your business security with high quality commercial cameras. It allows you to turn your security systems on or off, to lock and unlock doors, and even adjust the heating and air conditioning in your office. The best part about business automation service is that you receive text messages every time an event is triggered. You can also install an unlimited number of applications to gain complete control over every aspect of your business security.

Electronic access control

This is the ideal security solution for most businesses, and it involves granting access into the building through the use of key fobs and key cards. This effectively eliminates the purpose of keys and also helps to lockout unauthorized personnel from the secure areas on the business premise.