On Point Security provides state-of-the-art home security equipment.

Control Panel

A smart touch screen interface. Mobile integration. Panic buttons. And that’s just the beginning. On Point’s control panels give you total control over your security system, as well as any home automation features.

Thin Door/Window Sensor

Over 80 % of burglaries happen through a door, most often through a back or side door. But many also happen right through the front door. By placing a small wireless or hardwired sensor on each door we can detect the break in through a door way. When the door is opened the sensor knows and sends a signal to the alarm panel setting off the loud siren and calling the monitoring center for help. The sensors can also be used on any window that opens.

Motion Detector

We want to make sure that no matter how an intruder gets in to the home that the alarm system catches them and alerts you and gets them out! One way we do this is through interior motion detectors. Motion detectors cover an area of 40 ft. on a 90 degree angle and see movement so we typically put them in the corner of a room where they can see the entire area. It doesn’t matter how the person broke in, they could have cut a hole in the side of your home and the motion would still catch them. When the motion is triggered it sets the loud siren off immediately and the alarm system calls the monitoring center for help.

glass break sensor

Glass Break

A glass break detector hears the sound of glass breaking and the vibration. It covers a 20ft radius so it can cover a large room and detect the sound for the entire area. When the glass break triggers it sets the loud siren off immediately and the alarm system calls the monitoring center for help.


Smoke Detector

Most homes have regular smoke detectors installed that make noise. Our smoke detectors are different because they are monitored 24/7 for the threat of fire” Whether your home or not and a fire breaks out, action must be taken fast. The alarm system will send a fire signal to the monitoring center and we will dispatch the fire and medical techs. We typically install one monitored smoke detector on each floor. This one service is the difference for many people between life and death or losing everything.

Carbon Monoxide Detector

The Carbon Monoxide Detector through early warning alerts the presence of potentially harmful carbon monoxide gas in your home. With no new wiring, the sleek and innovative design can easily be installed while maintaining the desired aesthetics of your home decor.

Key Fob Remote

This 4 button remote key fob is small enough to be put on your keychain and will allow you to arm and disarm your system with convenience. The key fob also has a panic alert which can be pushed if you feel threatened.

Panic Remote Button

The alarm unit is a complete medical alert system. It has a medical alert button that can be worn as a pendent, bracelet, or clip. This pendent is the difference between some people being able to live at home alone or having to use assisted living. When the button is pushed the monitoring center will come over the two-way voice speaker in the alarm system and ask if you’re alright. You’ll be able to respond to them and let them know what you need. Or if you can’t talk they’ll take quick action to get you help and also call your family to let them know what’s going on. The pendent works well anywhere inside your home and is water resistant so you can wear it in the shower.

Super Switch

The super switch allows the takeover of 8 hardwired zones. This is perfect for new homes that have been prewired for security or for existing older systems that are hardwired that are getting updated to a new smart system.

cellular radio module

Cellular Radio

An alarm systems main purpose is to send emergency signals to the monitoring center as quick and reliable as possible. We believe the best way to achieve this is through cellular alarm signals. The alarm system has a self-contained 4G cellular radio. The alarm uses the cellular network to send communication to the monitoring center.

Yard Sign

The first line of defense with your On Point Security system is your On Point Security sign. A home security that remains updated can reduce the threat of home invasions by 300%