We help manage the accessibility to all your rooms, assets and facilities, and ensure the protection of the entire enterprise with scalable access control!

It is imperative that businesses only have access control available to the right people, since it is an important part of helping secure your business. On Point Security offers businesses in South Carolina with scalable access control system implementation, services, and designs. It allows businesses to take complete advantage of the expertise in security with monitored, hosted and remote-managed access options, which are combined with our high quality innovative solutions.

We guarantee the ultimate in access solutions and also manage the system in a manner that enhances your security and lowers your operational cost at the same time. We can manage the solutions for you, and have our experienced professionals provide you with tailored services and control solutions that cater to your business needs.

Here are some of the features that you can enjoy from On Point Security’s access control solutions:

  • Access Control System: scalable, flexible, and completely installed, which will include software, hardware, support and training.
  • Centrally Managed Access: we will provide you with complete management of your access system, done by our experienced security specialists.
  • Hosted Access: you get greater flexibility for managing your access control with our hosted solutions.
  • Access Control Services: photo ID badging, card management, maintenance, and custom programming On Point Security offers you comprehensive access control services.

On Point Security offers all of its customers with smart ways in which they can ensure the protection of their employees and assets with the help of our scalable control solutions. We understand the needs of our clients and then provide them access solutions that are optimized to their requirements. We are committed towards helping businesses get high quality security solutions, and ensuring that they get a safe environment for their employees and assets.

Access control solutions in South Carolina

On Point Security is the leading security firm in South Carolina that specializes in home security systems, home security cameras, home automation solutions, intrusion systems, video surveillance systems, and access solutions. We offer our specialist services to both residential and commercial clients in South Carolina and the surrounding areas at the most affordable rates.

We have over 2 decades of experience in the industry, and have built our reputation as one of the most reliable security solutions provider in South Carolina. We work with all the leading brands in the industry, which is why we are able to ensure cutting edge security solutions and technologies, which includes fingerprint identification.

If you require comprehensive, scalable access control solutions in South Carolina, get in touch with On Point Security today.